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Real estate is a local phenomenon, so what you hear on the news may not always apply to your specific area. In this section, we will continue to bring you local, up-to-date market conditions!
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While 2013 was a great year for home prices, with the median home in the Inland Empire seeing approx a 30% increase in value, this explosive appreciation has slowed it's pace during the first half of 2014 to a more sustainable rate. In other words, we've transitioned to a more "normal" market. Many home buyers that could not get into a home in 2013 due to insane competition are still in the market and the slowly increasing inventory of available homes is helping them to finally be able to call a house: "home"!

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The days of abundant distressed (short sale and/or foreclosure) sale listings have all but disappeared, while standard sales make up most of the local landscape at 81% of the market! Some of the standard sales are investor rehabbed homes that have been updated and upgraded, while many of them are everyday homeowners that are seeing equity again and taking advantage of the current market!

30 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates continue to stay in the low 4% territory! To put into perspective how great that is, historically, a "normal" rate is about 8-10%! This is still prompting many prospective home buyers to take action in an effort to achieve the ultimate American dream of owning a home! Rates will NOT stay this low; it is a great time to save hundreds of dollars on your monthly payment by locking in a GREAT interest rate!

   Short Sale Update!!

In some of the most exciting news of 2013, both the IRS and FTB recently updated their position on short sales in California. Neither of them consider the "forgiven debt" of a qualified short sale to be "taxable income" anymore! This is big news and adds to the  already HUGE incentives to short sale your home rather than leave it to foreclosure!

If you are one of many homeowners who have found themselves struggling to maintain your mortgage payments, a short sale is one of several options and in some cases, can be the best option. If you have determined that a short sale is right for you, we'd be more than glad to help you start on the road to recovery by perfoming a short sale today!

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                                                Ken Scott Real Estate

Is Ken Scott Real Estate in San Bernardino "WORLD FAMOUS"??

    This is the page where we are supposed to convince you that we are the greatest real estate company in the history of mankind...Or maybe just the greatest San Bernardino real estate brokerage ever...Have you ever noticed that every real estate company seems to be #1 at everything they do? To listen to all of their descriptions, every real estate company is the biggest, the greatest, and the most productive company in the history of real estate. Is it possible for everyone to be Number One? Not likely...

    So instead of trying to make something up or do some fancy math that would show us as "leading the industry" in some obscure category, we will tell you this: We understand who the real #1 is, and it's not the real estate company...

It's YOU.


    Don't get us wrong, we have the numbers and statistics to prove we're as good as anyone. Heck...our Broker was named #67 of the Top 100 agents in America in a Wall Street Journal publication a few years ago and we have become the largest independent real estate brokerage in San Bernardino. Sure, these are great accomplishments, but if we don't listen to your needs or concerns and make you comfortable while helping you sell your home quickly and efficiently, or helping you to achieve your dreams of home ownership, then we don't feel like we've accomplished a thing. Any real estate company can deliver average service. Any real estate company can give you a cold, franchised experience in a cubicle-filled office. Our goal is to make sure that you walk away from your closed escrow feeling like you've received something better...

    Our mission at Ken Scott Real Estate is to deliver superior service with superior results. We are dedicated to providing YOU with the real estate experience you should expect and deserve.

    And remember, we aren't just your San Bernardino real estate solution, we serve all over the greater Inland Empire!


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